It’s a range of foods specifically studied for a ketogenic diet with high keto-ratios

The correct use of the foods on the site is managed by the specialist doctor, who prescribes a nutritional plan for the patient based on the individual metabolic needs and on specific keto-ratios recommended to him.

What is the ketogenic diet

It is a nutritional strategy capable of inducing and maintaining a chronic state of ketosis, i.e. a metabolic condition in which fats and ketone bodies are mainly used for energy purposes.

There are basically two ways for entry into ketosis:

-    reducing the intake of carbohydrates introduced through diet

-    increasing the breakdown of free fatty acids in the liver in conditions of depleted liver glycogen

What does “high keto-ratios” diet mean

It is possible to induce a significant state of ketosis:

A) by the breakingdown of the fat’s reserves (VLCKD weight loss diet)

B) by the breakingdown the fats introduced with food (“High keto-ratio” or “exogenous” keto diet)

The first strategy is used when you want to decrease body fat, the second one when you want to increase ketonemia to the maximum for other goals than weight loss.

What is a Keto-Ratio

The Keto-Ratio (or ketogenic ratio) is the relationship between ketogenic and anti-ketogenic macronutrients. Lipids are mainly ketogenic, carbohydrates and proteins are mainly anti-ketogenic.

Image taken from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition volume 67, pages789–796 (2013)


Keot ratio 3:1
Keot ratio 3:1